für die Betonsteinindustrie

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NEW: Washmax


washing of stone products: 
With the FC-Washmax the cement is washed out of the surface of stone products. more...

stone work with

Sawing machines

For the sawing of concrete elements, we offer a range of solutions meeting all your requirements.

Our sawing machines are either produced for working in running programs or equipped with a sawing table to put the workpieces on - depending on the requirements in your factory.

We are specialized in

half size sawing machines for halving and cutting of tiles:

  • sawing machines for concrete slabs
  • sawing machines for centre cuts
  • split sawing machine for central cuts
  • bridge sawing machine
  • head cutting saw for double-sided length cuts
  • multiblade saws

multible edge sawing

machine to cut off corners from slabs

our new developped cutting machine enables the economic production of slabs with 8, 7 , 6, or 5 corners.

The advantage for you:

  • no expencive forms for the hydraulic press are necessary
  • job-oriented production with slabs from stock
  • economic for small orders
  • no separate stockkeeping
  • slabs from 30/30 to 50/50 can be processed
  • abitrary measurements of the cut, thereby countless variations
  • machine works in throug-feed method
  • integration in an existing line or stand alone